Evaluation of rheological behavior, anaerobic and thermal degradation, and lifetime prediction of polylactide/poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)/powdered nitrile rubber blends

T. M. D. Fernandes, J. F. M. de Almeida, V.A. Escócio, A. L. N. da Silva, A. M. F. de Sousa, L. L. Y. Visconte, C. R. G. Furtado, E. B. A. V. Pacheco, M. C. A. M. Leite

Polymer Bulletin (2019), 76, 2899-2913

Mechanical, rheological and anaerobic biodegradation behavior of a poly(lactic acid) blend containing a poly(lactic acid)-co-poly(glycolic acid) copolymer

K. Samadi, M. Francisco, S. Hegde, C. A. Diaz, T. A. Trabold, E. M. Dell, C. L. Lewis

Polymer Degradation and Stability (2019), 170, 109018